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Explore These Frequently Asked Questions If You Want to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Testin One Go Using Exam Dumps

In 2019, Microsoft made some major changes to its certification program. The introduction of the role-based badges was one of them and the company became even more popular. Changes are the most constant thing in life, butquestions arise along with them. Thus, if you are planning to earn the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certificate, this post will help you understand some basic information about its qualifying exam, which is Microsoft AZ-400.

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What is the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

Microsoft AZ-400 is aimed at the individuals with expertise in working with people, technologies, and processes to continuously deliver business value. These specialists have the job role of designing and implementing business strategies for infrastructure, collaboration, source control, code, continuous integration, security, delivery, compliance, testing, feedback, and monitoring. The candidates should know about Azure development and administration and have expert knowledge in at least one of them.


Are there any prerequisites for taking the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

Yes, there is a requirement. To take the test, you must first obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate or Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certifications. This means that you have to pass AZ-104 or AZ-204 to becomean associate-level specialist. It is a mandatory option that you need to fulfill because of the difficulties that you may face with when you are at the Expert level.

What topics are included in the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

The Microsoft AZ-400 test covers seven different domains. The learners must understand these topics in detail before attempting the exam and master them to be ready for anything. The objectives covered in this certification test areas follows:


  • Implementing continuous integration;
  • Creating a compliance and security plan;
  • Designing an instrumentation strategy;
  • Implementing a release management strategy and continuous delivery;
  • Developing an SRE strategy;
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration;
  • Managing source control.
  • https://www.examsnap.com/az-204-dumps.html

What types of questions can one expect in the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

Just like in other Microsoft exams, you should expect a wide range of question formats in your AZ-400 test. They can include singlechoice, multiplechoice, scenario-based and performance-based, case studies, build list, and even more.

How can one prepare for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

When it comes to the preparation phase, you have to give it your best. The exam is quite difficult but if you study diligently, you can ace it at the first attempt. Many prep resources are available on the Microsoft website and other platforms, which means that you will definitely be able to find study materials to explore. To pass Microsoft AZ-400, follow these study steps:


  • Visit the Microsoft portal to read all about the test. Get the exam blueprint and study the structure. You should understand the objectives before you choose your study materials, so read them carefully.
  • Take a training course. Depending on your choice, you can opt for the official instructor-led training courses or sign up for any other reputable options that are available for the test.
  • Go through the Microsoft documentation for more details about the technology of focus.
  • Study Azure eBooks and Azure whitepapers. You will find some great information that will enhance your knowledge related to Microsoft Azure.
  • Take updated practice tests and use reliable exam dumps to get familiar with the questions in Microsoft AZ-400.
  • https://www.examsnap.com/az-304-dumps.html


As you can see, you may have a lot of questions, but you can find answers to any of them. With the proper resources and right information, you will be able to pass your certification exam without any issues. The tips highlighted above will significantly help with that. So, wait for no more and just go for it!

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